Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Landry's Indoor TT

So for my first official hard effort of the year, I competed in a 6.5 mile slight uphill time trial against 15 other individuals in my heat. We had 7 other MIT riders and my friend Alex Chaleff from the New England Conservatory, as well as Bret Fortenberry from BU, and a bunch of other local racers and triathletes.

It was a tough effort, but I think training with a power meter has helped me pace myself better for such efforts so I don't start out too hard. I started trying to keep my power between 260 and 300W, and I was able to sustain this the whole race. I won my heat! Yay! and for this I won a six-pack of Harpoon IPA which you can see me consuming below.

I averaged 280 W over a 19'19" interval, so I set a new FTP power record for myself. This bodes well for my first season in Men's B road in 3 years.

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